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What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System (IELTS), a test designed to test your English language skills to help you study, work and immigrate to other countries such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK and others.

The test comprises of 4 modules which are tested individually. You can appear for IELTS either in person or online. If you appear for an online test, you get your test results within 4-5 working days. On the other hand, if you appear for the paper-based exam, your test results are released in 12-13 working days.


IELTS is an international testing system and the test results are accepted globally across several countries. Also, the test is available for both who want to go abroad to study and for those who are willing to work there.

IELTS Academic- For those who want to study

IELTS General- For those who want to work or migrate

What do we offer?

  • We offer both Academic & GT IELTS training classes.
  • In-person and online training available.
  • Weekend classes available.
  • 1-week Polishing Classes.
  • Language Training.
  • CELPIP training.
  • Immigration Consultation

Pricing & Packages

Regular Package: It includes training for all the 4 modules:
Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.
$150 for 10 classes.
Selective Package: It includes training of any of the 4 modules
in which you need special attention.
$150 for 10 classes.
Polishing Package: It is for those who special brushing before right before their exam.$150 for 2 classes.
Demo Class for a module OR an Introductory Class to know the basics.FREE***

What is CELPIP?

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is a general English language proficiency test.

The test allows test takers to demonstrate their ability to function in English. The test clearly, accurately, and precisely assesses a test taker’s English abilities in a variety of everyday situations, such as communicating with co-workers and superiors in the workplace, interacting with friends, understanding newscasts, and interpreting and responding to written materials.

This is a computer delivered test and is done in one-sitting only. Also, the test results are faster as compared to IELTS.

To know more about the test format, visit https://www.celpip.ca/celpip-general.

Pricing & Packages

Special Price of $150 only for CELPIP training.

We offer both weekdays and weekend classes. Candidates can either take in-person classes or opt for online training.

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