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Easy Access is a consultancy service providing a complete “Immigration and Study service” to the aspirants wishing to study and immigrate to Canada.It is a 15-year-old organization with successful track record of helping various candidates, relocate to Canada with the help of its experienced and licensed professionals.

 Unlike major consultancies, Easy Access assists you throughout your immigration process right from providing you the necessary information during your information gathering process to your landing in Canada. As we have a team of young immigrants who migrated to Canada and accepted this land as their home and walked through various phases of an immigrant’s life.

Easy Access Consultants Inc’s Each individual have real-life experiences of coming to Canada and adapting to the culture of this beautiful land as students, workers and residents.Through these practical experiences from each of our personal lives, we believe that we can better relate to and understand the needs of an immigrant.

This enables us to provide the best possible solution to address an immigrant’s requirement and distinguish us by our unique proposition of implementing a humanitarian touch to the complete formal consultancy model, thus building trust and moreover providing you with the assurance of being at the appropriate place in the right hands.

At Easy Access where immigration is made “EASY".



In assessment sitting we note your background, history, and details which are crucial to your application, we fill in some basic documents which are required to asses your available options.


In our second meeting we lay out all the option of programs that you eligible to apply in, we discuss in detail all the options and suggest an option which suits best to your profile.


After selecting the best available option, We make sure you understand each and every step of the process from assessment to an application.


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