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February 15, 2023BY EasyAccess ( 0 ) Comment

699 PNP candidates are invited by Canada in today’s Express Entry draw; Express Entry draw for 2023

Today, Feb 15th, 2023, Canada has announced its recent Express Entry draw with a score of 791. A total of 699 invites were issued to all the eligible candidates.

Candidates from the Provincial Nominee Program were eligible for this round of invitations.

With the cut-off score of 791, IRCC has invited a total of 699 candidates. The invites were sent to all the candidates who were eligible for Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) . Invitations may be issued under these Ministerial Instructions during the period beginning on February 15, 2023 and ending on February 16, 2023.

With this draw, the score has been increased significantly. This is the third program specific draw of 2023, and it has been a relief for many eligible candidates out there. The tie-breaking rule was based on February 08, 2023, at 18:09:01 UTC.

This is the third program specific draw issued by the government of Canada since the beginning of the year 2023. There can be a decrease noticed in the number of invitations sent in this PNP draw as compared to the last PNP draw with 893 invitations sent. In this seemingly post-pandemic world, year 2023 will be very helpful for people who waited for more than a year for the draws to be resumed. It was a wait for almost 19 months since July 2022 that people were waiting for the program specific draws to resume until the beginning of this year.

Also, it is a good news for many eligible candidates out there who were eagerly waiting for the draw to come and to receive the invitation.

However, with this regular fashion of draws, it is estimated that this pattern will remain the same in future as expected.

For any questions regarding your immigration, visit www.eaci.ca. Alternatively, you can email us at info@eaci.ca.

Source: www.canada.ca

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