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December 14, 2022BY EasyAccess ( 0 ) Comment

IT glitches are hugely impacting the Express Entry Applications in a negative way-confirmed by IRCC

It has recently been confirmed by IRCC spokesperson that there have 
been IT glitches in the Express Entry system. These technical difficulties are
after the (NOC) 2021 was introduced.

Express Entry and PNP candidates are being affected by these glitches.

IRCC is currently working to resolve the issue. However, it can not be
guaranteed when it is going back to normal. Although, the department has not
confirmed about the type of technical issues or the severity of the same.

The department has confirmed that the candidates will be informed about the
update, if any.

It is quite evident that this was the reason why there was no express entry
draw on December 7th 2022. Although, with the continuity of the last few draws,
it was expected that the draw will surely occur on 7th Dec, but it did not.
Eligible applicants are still waiting eagerly for the next draw.

Also, this could be related to the fact that some candidates have received
the invitations even though they were not qualified for the same. While, on the
other hand some eligible candidates did not receive the ITAs. This issue came
to notice earlier only when those applicants started sending the webforms to

In view of that, it was quite evident that there will be certain technical
issues with the IRCC after the introduction of the new NOC 2021. Usually, when
such changes are performed at a wider level, then there definitely occur some
disparities which result in such issues.

Well, despite these glitches, let’s hope for the resolution of the same at
an earliest.

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Source: www.cicnews.com

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