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December 8, 2022BY EasyAccess ( 0 ) Comment

Bring your family members to Canada on open work permit-“NO NOC-B JOB NEEDED”

Now, you can bring your family members to Canada on open work permit. You don’t to worry about the NOC-code you work on. The pace of Canada’s economic recovery has made it hard for employers to find the workers.

It is announced that Canada is extending work permits to family members of temporary foreign workers. Expanding the eligibility for work permits to family members accompanying the principal applicant to Canada will help address labor shortage. This would by assist employers in finding the workers they need.

Prior to this, spouses were only eligible, if the principal applicant was working in a high-skill occupation. However, now anybody working on any skill-level job can bring their family here. This temporary measure aims to improve the emotional well-being of workers by keeping families together. Workers will better integrate into their overall work environment and community.

Starting in January 2023, it will be a temporary 2-year measure. Canada will expand eligibility to work in Canada to spouses and working-age children. Plan will include a phased approach for workers at all skill levels. Prior to that, it included families of workers in health care, trades and hospitality. Family members of more than 200,000 foreign workers could begin working in Canada. In the long run, this will offer a greater opportunity for both foreign workers seeking to work in Canada.

The temporary measure will be implemented in 3 phases to ensure its successful implementation:

  • First Phase will enable family members of workers coming to Canada through the high-wage stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or the International Mobility Program to apply for an open work permit .
  • Second Phase aims to expand the measure to the family members of workers from the low-wage stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.
  • Third Phase will include consultation with agricultural partners and stakeholders. They will assess operational feasibility for expanding the measure to family members of agricultural workers.

Immigration will continue to play a vital role in addressing Canada’s labor shortages, and the Government of Canada will continue to implement policies aimed at helping employers with their staffing needs across all skill levels.

Source: www.canada.ca

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