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November 23, 2022BY EasyAccess ( 0 ) Comment

Potential reasons for increasing study visa refusals:

Did you get your study permit refused? Make sure you cover these points in your application next time you apply!!!

These days with increasing refusals of study permit applications, there is a curiosity among applicants regarding their reason of refusals. Although, majority of applications are rejected stating that IRCC was not convinced whether applicant’s primary purpose to visit here was “study”. But, still there are other factors leading to refusals like inadequate funds for applicant’s stay in Canada or insufficient proof proving applicant’s ties with family back-home. Some of the most common reasons are listed below:

Reasons for refusals:

  • Not having a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution,
  • Inadequate proof that you will leave Canada upon completion of your studies,
  • Not having sufficient funds for your stay here,
  • Irrelevant or incomplete academic records,
  • Failure in explaining your purpose of study,

Possible solutions:

In order to address these issues, there are certain key factors that must be taken into consideration while applying for the study permit. It is advised that in order to convince IRCC that your primary purpose is to study, you should include these details in additional documents section.

  • Outline your study plan,
  • Your plans after you finish your studies,
  • Demonstrate your ties with your home country,
  • Include all information about your assets back home, say, any property on your name, funds in your bank account and others ,to prove that you will return to your country after finishing your studies,
Reasons of RefusalsPossible Solution(s)
Did not get letter of acceptance from a DLI?Make sure you get your letter of acceptance from the DLI when you apply to study in Canada.
Inadequate proof that you will leave Canada after studies.Explain your family ties back-home and prove that you have dependents/family to take care of.
Insufficient funds for the length of your visit in Canada.Include all the financial proof including any property on your name. You should also include the bank statements.
Inconsistent academic records.Make sure you have proof to show that your study is consistent. You may also want to “outline your study plan”.
Unclear or poorly written SOP.Make sure your statement of purpose is detailed and proves that you will leave Canada after studies.

If you need any help regarding your study permit application or any other immigration matter, visit www.eaci.ca or email us at: info@eaci.ca.

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